What’s New in Activity Recognition

If you subscribe to our Cloud Recording service, you may have noticed a few new bells and whistles in the Dropcam web app.

We just launched a new version of Activity Recognition, making it easier for you to:

  • Assign names and colors to recognized activities
  • Filter what activities appear on your timeline
  • Customize alerts

Let’s take a quick tour of the new interface.

First, you will notice your activities listed in the right-hand column. As we create new activity categories, they will be assigned a generic name: Activity 1, Activity 2, Activity 3, etc.

ActivityRec - Default View

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Dropcam Security Update

On April 7, 2014, a vulnerability in the open source cryptography library known as OpenSSL was disclosed.  The vast majority of services on the Internet use OpenSSL to secure web traffic, including www.dropcam.com.  This vulnerability — CVE-2014-0160, known as Heartbleed — would allow an attacker to see memory contents of a server running OpenSSL, potentially including usernames and passwords as they pass through the server during a login request.

As soon as we became aware of Heartbleed on Monday, the engineering team here at Dropcam immediately began auditing our services.  While SSL is used to secure communications between cameras and our servers, this vulnerability did not affect those communications.  All private video and camera data were unaffected. However, dropcam.com utilizes Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Load Balancer for website and API traffic.  ELB servers — which are separate from our own servers — were vulnerable to this problem, but have been patched and verified fixed as of Tuesday afternoon.

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Timelapse: Share favorite moments in a new way

At Dropcam, we’re always striving to achieve the ultimate customer experience and that includes a little bit of fun. That’s why we are happy to introduce Timelapse, a new beta feature for customers with Cloud Recording.


How does it work?
Timelapse is currently available via the Dropcam web app. When you click the “Make Timelapse” button, you can select up to 24 hours of footage on your timeline and choose a clip duration of 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds. There’s no need to worry about frame rates — we’ve done the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes. We automatically adjust it based on the footage length and clip duration you choose. So, all it takes is a click.

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Making the Ultimate Stress-Free Travel Checklist


There’s nothing like a good vacation. Whether it’s a relaxing weekend at the beach, or an adventure-filled trip to Europe, sooner or later the travel bug bites us all. But we all know that vacations have a stressful side. There are arrangements to be made, bags to be packed, flights to catch; you know the drill.  When you’re away, you might wonder whether everything’s okay at home.

April happens to be a popular travel month, so it’s a fun coincidence that April also happens to be Stress Awareness Month. Dropcam can alleviate some of the stress of traveling by letting you keep an eye on your home from anywhere with our home monitoring cameras. You can see what’s going on right from your smartphone, tablet or computer, and know that everything is safe and sound, even if you’re halfway around the world.

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Welcome to the Dropcam Virtual Zoo!

At the tail end of winter, with spring still a few weeks off, many people begin to feel a little cooped up with cabin fever. If you’re starting to feel antsy and impatient for some warmer-weather activities, why not start now with a trip to the zoo? Dropcam’s Wi-Fi cameras, which offer live video streaming capabilities, allow users to log in from any smartphone, tablet or computer to drop in on public feeds anywhere in the world! Many of our favorite feeds are located in animal exhibits across the country. So, we assembled our favorite live feeds in some of the best animal exhibits, and opened our very own Dropcam Virtual Zoo!

1. Giraffe Barn (Woodland Park Zoo, Washington)

For our first exhibit, let’s check in on the beautiful giraffe, Olivia, and her adorable baby at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Misawa, a male calf, was born this past August and is already almost as tall as his mother!

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