3 Ways to Stay Connected to What Matters with Dropcam DVR


Dropcam stores video in the cloud to keep you in control of your life – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – no matter where you are.  You can be in Paris, in the grocery store, or in the office.  Your video is at your fingertips!

Dropcam offers three Digital Video Recording (DVR) options to help you stay on top of your hectic life:

‘Basic’ Offers Live Viewing From Anywhere

Dropcam brings innovation to your personal monitoring.  The following comes free with every Dropcam:

  • Remote monitoring 24/7 with Live Viewing
  • Quick and easy event review with Personalized Audio & Motion Detection
  • Peace of Mind with Email and Mobile Alerts

‘Plus’ Offers Remote Storage for a Week of Video

If you want more from your Dropcam, these additional features come with every Plus plan:

  • All Basic features
  • Watch what matters anytime in the office or at home with 7 Days of Secure Online Storage
  • Hold onto your memories forever with Downloadable Video Clips
  • Save time on the go watching the important stuff with Audio & Motion Events on Your Phone

‘Pro’ Brings a Month of Video Review for Your Peace of Mind

Sometimes going back seven days isn’t enough.  The Pro plan let’s you step away from your home or office for a long vacation or business trip and not miss a thing.  With Dropcam Pro, you receive:

  • All Plus features
  • Watch what matters on long vacations and business trips with 30 Days of Secure Online Storage

“You can have peace of mind on the go, as you can watch live, streaming feeds from your Dropcam in full resolution with smooth audio and video playback.” –ChipChick

Dropcam brings you advanced monitoring tools to you like motion tracking, automatic alerts, and timeline scrolling.  It’s our goal to help you live your life and not need to worry about what goes on elsewhere.  Feel confident that your Dropcam will tell you if something happens at home, work, or anywhere else you may place it!


One thought on “3 Ways to Stay Connected to What Matters with Dropcam DVR

  1. All wonderful options. it is great to have access to these via computer and iOS devices. It would be awesome to have the ability to toss up that kids dropcam to the PiP on my HDTV via AirPlay (and an AppleTV)

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