Dropcam helps Dads see their babies’ first milestone moments while away

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Dropcam parents share lots of videos with us of their children, especially their babies. Two dads recently sent us videos starring their infants. So we just had to post them to share with everyone.

Baby’s first steps caught on Dropcam

Pariya uses Dropcam to watch his baby at home. He’s a working dad and can’t be near his baby boy as often as he’d like. That’s where Dropcam comes in for him.

This was the first time my 6 month old son was able to stand up. I would have missed this magical moment without Dropcam, as I was able to see it from my office. Thanks, Dropcam.

We’re glad that Pariya was able to watch his baby boy from work using his Dropcam. And now he has the memory to keep and share forever!

First time scaling a wall caught on Dropcam

Like Pariya, Shawn is also a dad who uses Dropcam to watch over his two infants. In his video, Shawn shows us how baby Avery takes her first steps out of her walker– and then some. After watching, it becomes very clear why we know Avery at Dropcam as “Ninja-baby.”

This is a priceless clip captured by one of my Dropcams. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made!

Both of these dads shared a precious memory that they would have otherwise missed without Dropcam. We’ll post more awesome videos in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for plenty more or go watch some right now on our YouTube channel.

Did these videos touch your heart the way they did ours? Let us know in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “Dropcam helps Dads see their babies’ first milestone moments while away

  1. Now that Avery is 1 1/2, it’s hard to remember that she was as little as she was in that video. To this day, I would still have no idea how she got out of that walker without Dropcam. It’s moments like these that I’ll cherish forever…all for the price of a Dropcam and $8.95/month subscription. I’d say that was a good investment for this daddy!

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