Dropcam is one dad’s favorite new toy

Michael Sheehan, a blogger at HighTechDad, wrote about Dropcam as a digital baby sitter and nanny cam.  We don’t want to say Dropcam can replace a whole industry of entrepreneurial teenagers, but it’s interesting to hear one father’s take on how he uses his Dropcam.


Michael went through the simple setup process and shows the individual steps in his writeup.  He even shows off our new Camera Settings section with microphone settings you can tweak.  We’re also happy he got a chance to capture some moments with his kids by saving video clips.

the ease of setup coupled with the ease of use makes it a real winner in my book – Michael Sheehan

We’ll continue to work on some of his other suggestions.  We doubt we’ll put the Dropcam inside a teddy bear, but we have some things coming on the roadmap to keep high tech dads out there happy.

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