Dropcam Now Available in Apple Retail Stores.

Dropcam Apple Store

Dropcam Apple Store

Apple is now carrying Dropcam and Dropcam Pro in its retail and online stores throughout the United States. Dropcam is priced at $149.95 and Dropcam Pro at $199.95.*

Dropcam Pro and Dropcam, are the only Wi-Fi video monitoring solutions that offer truly simple and fast setup with intelligent monitoring features to drop in on the places and people you care about from anywhere in the world. In addition to the great features Dropcam customers have come to appreciate, Dropcam Pro sets a new benchmark in home video monitoring with the following key advancements:

  • Stunning video quality. Dropcam Pro incorporates a six-element, all-glass lens, a first in the home monitoring category, and a larger image sensor to provide 2x sharper video during the day and 7x better performance in low-light conditions and at night.
  • Wider field of view. Dropcam Pro supports an amazing 130-degree field of view – 20% wider than the prior-generation Dropcam.
  • Zoom. Dropcam now offers pinch-to-zoom with an enhance feature that supports up to 8x zoom for Dropcam Pro and 4x zoom for Dropcam.
  • Better audio. Dropcam Pro has a new microphone with double the sampling rate and a new speaker for sound that’s louder and clearer.
  • Mobile setup. Get up and running without a computer. You can now set up Dropcam Pro directly from your iOS device (iPhone 4S or later, iPad 3rd generation or later, and iPad mini).
  • Dual band Wi-Fi. Dropcam Pro supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks for improved wireless connectivity.
  • Activity Recognition (beta)**. Using advanced computer vision and machine learning technology, Dropcam Cloud Recording can now recognize motion patterns in your video stream and group together like activities. Customers can name these activities and customize alerts for them.
  • Bluetooth LE. Dropcam Pro integrates a low power Bluetooth LE radio that is used for mobile setup and allows Dropcam to integrate with additional devices.

*Dropcam Pro will be available in every Apple retail store and Dropcam will be available in select stores in the US.

**Activity Recognition (beta) is currently web-only.

Learn more at dropcam.com


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9 thoughts on “Dropcam Now Available in Apple Retail Stores.

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Great question! Mobile setup uses Bluetooth low energy which wasn’t introduced until iPad 3 and later. Please keep in mind that you can still view Dropcam Pro from an iPad 2.

      Hope this helps!

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