Dropcam vs. Dropcam Pro

Check out the view from the Dropcam Headquarters in San Francisco! Below you can find the view from a Dropcam camera compared to a Dropcam Pro camera.


Feature Comparison:

Dropcam and Dropcam Pro Comparison

Dropcam and Dropcam Pro Comparison

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34 thoughts on “Dropcam vs. Dropcam Pro

  1. I was wondering if you need wi-fi and if your computer has to be on in order for the dropcam to work. I would like to get for a gift for my daughter, bu i believe they get their internet from their phone.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Yes, Wi-Fi is necessary in order to use Dropcam or Dropcam Pro. However, your computer does not need to be on for the camera to operate. Hope this helps – let us know if we can help with any additional questions!

  2. I simply LOVE this DropCam!!!! I want one so badly to use for our chicken and duck coops. Having this stream from our websites to students and children we work with in the hospitals would just be AWESOME!!!! This will also be great for our garden project as we learn how to develop hydropnic and aquaponic garden through trial and error with classrooms! Love this DropCam and want one or two or three! lol WooooHoooo!!!!! :)

  3. The Dropcams are great. But I just realized when I have two of them running my download speed from my ISP drops to 1.13 down & .37 up.

    With both cameras off my ISP download speed goes to 6.16 down and .64 up.
    Is there anything I can do to resolve this? As of now I have just quit using the cameras because the virtually kill my internet speed.

    1. Hi Jim,

      We recommend at least 0.5 Mbps of upload bandwidth per camera (Dropcam Pro or Dropcam). To cut bandwidth use in half, you can switch your camera into SD mode via your settings. For additional recommendations, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at support(at)dropcam(dot)com Thanks!

  4. Hi
    I am so excited to see the spec of dropcam pro. It improves the picture quality as twice!
    I saw the spec chart on the web site and it saying 720 30fps but seeing the package there is description as 1080p HD(1920×1080). I am bit confusing which spec is true??

    1. Hi Yoshi,

      Sorry for the confusion! While Dropcam Pro is capable of 1080p, we are currently streaming in 720p. We want to make sure we optimize bandwidth and data usage before supporting 1080p. However, as all future endeavors are still in the planning phase, we don’t have any solid details as to when Dropcam Pro will stream in 1080p. Hope this helps!

  5. If a person had multiple cameras at two different locations, say two cameras at two different houses (4 cameras total) :

    Is the 30 minute alert timeout per camera or per account? In other words would an alert on one camera/house prevent another alert for 30 minutes on other cameras/house?

    Any disadvantage to me to use the same account (email) for all cameras vs using independent accounts?

    What would it cost to have say two cameras in two different homes (4 cameras total) recorded for the 7 day period? $100 per year plus $15 a month?

    Does having a mix of Dropcam HD and Pro models change anything in terms of billing or functionality (other than improved performance on Pros and greater consumed bandwidth)? ie. any other issues with mixing models I should consider?

    Thanks much, Bill

  6. Never had any comments on my last post, so not sure if anyone reads this blog these days.

    Just want to say I am having real problems with my DC pro dropping connections regularly to the point I might just give up trying to figure out the pattern.

    Happens at either of two houses (one of which I had another modem installed in the hope it solved the problem). Nope. Have moved modems to within 20 ft of cameras with no walls between.

    Pattern is hard to figure, for now my HD connection is sometimes lasting for several days but the Pro camera gets really inconsistent after about a day running. And bouncing on and off, mostly off.

    The DC website talks about them pursuing the possibility that the bad wi fi drops problem (which seems is common) is related to having the nighttime mode off. For me the mode does not matter, but for whatever reason it seldom drops when the camera is seeing a well lit room either from lights or daylight.

    Not sure if that is co incidence or a real pattern, but I have spent hours chasing the problem and now need to move on. Starting to research other systems for now, but hoping dropcam can stop feeling quite so pleased with themselves and aim some horsepower at some of the problems they have in fleshing out their implementation. If they can do that, the product will be killer imo.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Sorry for the delay! Sounds like you may have already found the answers to your previous questions, but just in case:

      -When a camera has been offline for over 30 minutes, an alert will be sent out per camera.
      -There is not a disadvantage to using the same account for all your cameras. We actually encourage doing this for your ease of access.
      -For 4 Dropcams, each with annual service of 7-day Cloud Recording, it would be $715.70. For 4 Dropcam Pros, each with annual service of 7-day Cloud Recording, it would be $885.70.
      -There are not any issues with mixing camera models.

      As for the connectivity issue you are experiencing, this definitely sounds out of the ordinary. Please contact us at support(at)dropcam(dot)com or 1-877-345-DROP (3767) Mon-Sat, 6am-6pm PT so we can help investigate.

      Thanks for reaching out!

  7. I want to use the Dropcam in a nestbox so I can monitor my breeding birds when they lay eggs and raise thier babies to make sure nothing is going wrong. Do you think the cam will work for this and if so, do you think the Dropcam is sufficient. The nest will not have much light in it most of the time although it only measures 12.25X11.5×9.5. Also, do both models work with the iphone and ipad as well as my macbook pro. I have wifi in the house. Thanks.

    1. I stumbled upon your site and wneatd to ask some advice. I will be traveling soon with my children and we will have adjoining hotel rooms, the adults in one room, children in the other. The hotel has high speed wired internet access, their wi-fi is spotty and expensive. I would like to have the ability to set up my own wireless network in the hotel for the week, and also use a wireless camera to see, hear and possibly record what is going on in the next room. Is there a way to make that work?

      1. Hey there!

        You can definitely set up Dropcam at a hotel, but it can sometimes be tricky if connecting to the internet through the hotel’s Wi-Fi requires logging in through a splash page. Please try contacting the hotel ahead of time and ask if your Dropcam can be set to bypass this type of security. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support(at)dropcam(dot)com.


  8. I ended up buying 3 Dropcam Pro Cameras. I love the overall technology of it. I would love to see an outdoor model someday. I upgraded my wifi router to an Apple Time capsule to hold the overall bandwidth for all the wi-fi items in my house. The Apple Time Capsule works awesome with the cameras.

    Thanks Chris

  9. When I purchased my camera one year ago the image was crisp and in full color on a sunny day. Now, my camera is mostly black and white and image is not crisp, in fact it seems out of focus. This seemed to become aparant when zoom option became available. How do I get crisp image in full color back? I have one clip from March 2013 to review if drop cam is interested in viewing it

  10. When the IR led’s are on for night vision are they visible? If so is it a bright light or dim. Can you see multiple LED’s?

    In general I am trying to find a camera that will work at night but with minimal intrusion?


  11. Hi,

    I just purchased DC for baby use. I see I can share and invite people to view the camera (private and/or public). However, it doesn’t allow people to talk to the camera. I invited both my wife and her brother to view the camera (using their iPhone), however I am the only one that can speak to the DC (w/ a microphone icon). Is the microphone feature to speak to the camera only good to the original owner?

  12. I have 5 dropcam hd and just ordered 2 drop cam pros. The first thing I noticed was that the picture quality was much darker on the pro. Granted I’m sure it’s richer colors and more accurate but it was not as bright and I was immediately looking for a brightness setting so that was kind of a bummer.

    I did notice the sound on the pro filtered out the TV noise better for on the hd the TV screamed through the stream so that’s an improvement.

    I did not notice any improvement in video quality at all. Not even a little bit.

    The increased field of vision was nice but also you had too now zoom in to see better which was a loss of quality.

    I also noticed that the PRO buffers much more often than the regular(hd) one so that’s a bummer.

    As of 30 minutes into it I am having a hard time finding any improvements over the Pro compared to the HD. Maybe in pure daylight it will look better but at night with the living room lights on then I actually wasn’t too impressed and prefer the cheaper(hd) model.

    1. FYI. No doubt the picture is more vivid and rich and the wider view is nice. My wife likes the new camera better but I just need to get used to it. I was just expecting a much improved pixel quality and didn’t really see that but I still love me some drop cams.

      By the way, viewing the drop cam on the web is way more clear than on an iPhone or android. Not sure why.

    1. Hi Ed,

      You can connect as many cameras as you would like to one Dropcam account and view these cameras through our website or mobile apps. You can watch each individual feed separately.

      Thanks for reaching out!

  13. Ad says same rate for one camera or 4 but now it seems each camera is an additional cost. I see a lot of questions and select answers and only answers for the easy questions.

    Suggested upgrades such as a quicker response time than 30 min camera down or offline is the time you set up and leave the house to discover it really wasn’t working because as some have asked there is only one way communication from the camera out.

    Drop cam zoom is un-viewable 4x even slow zoom to let resonate does not work.

    So when the trial time is up what is the camera really good for? What about being able to connect to your own recorder…no products to support that only a subscription service.

  14. Is there a reason why sometimes my pictures show up and some times they don’t. Does that mean someone has messed with the focus or is it a clitch?

  15. Hi, i recently bought the dropcam pro HD. I am basically very happy with the ease of use, But i am wondering if the dropcam’s video would be better with faster internet. I do use the Dropcam for outside viewing sometimes. i wonder if the the wide range of viewing is causing the loss of details. i cant use the zoom more than once before it gets grainy. Please let me know before i invest in a faster internet and its not the internet, but its the camera. For my computer use, the current internet okay, it can get slow when 2 of us are on our PC.s. Now add on the dropcam to high speed internet. i know the minimum requirements for the dropcam and i thats what i have.

  16. I think I might have a family of skunks living on my property and would like to place a camera outside. Is the unit waterproof? Suggestions

  17. I ve bought first 2 HD cameras and have no problems. Now I bought a PRO one and it doesnt work. The image is completely black. What can I do?

  18. If you own only one unit, can it be easily moved (intermittently) from one home WiFi network to another. The concept would be to have one for my son & daughter-in-law to use at home on their WiFi to monitor their baby’s room. When they want to leave the baby at our home overnight however, they would bring the Dropcam and we would need to have the camera hooked to the WiFi in our home. Would it be difficult to move it back and forth like that on occasion?

  19. Is there a place where you have a comparison of the video differences between the Dropcam and Dropcam Pro? The feeds for the comparison on the Dropcam vs Dropcam Pro page of the website has been offline for the past couple of weeks when I’ve gone to compare. I also called and spoke with someone at the company a couple of weeks ago who did not know why the cameras were offline and said she would check on the issue to get them up again.

  20. After reading an article in the WSJ a couple of years ago I purchased a Drop Cam that has worked quite well. No problems. Yesterday I purchased a Drop Cam Pro for our vacation home that I should be receiving soon. I am optimistic after reading some of these responses but there are some good questions in 2014 that have not yet been answered. Would be nice to read some answers to them.

  21. I have Windstream HS internet with unlimited bandwidth. With no Dropcam Pro connected my Ping is 25, download 5.12, upload .66. With 2 cameras on HD setting my Ping is 22, download 5.05, upload .49. HD off my ping is 20, download 5.97, upload .62. I have run both Dropcam Pros for a day now on HD with apparently no problems. Will this cause a problem down the road? I am going out of town in a week and I was wondering if I can leave them at that setting with no problem or should I turn the HD off. HD on sure looks a lot clearer.

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