Timelapse: Share favorite moments in a new way

At Dropcam, we’re always striving to achieve the ultimate customer experience and that includes a little bit of fun. That’s why we are happy to introduce Timelapse, a new beta feature for customers with Cloud Recording.


How does it work?
Timelapse is currently available via the Dropcam web app. When you click the “Make Timelapse” button, you can select up to 24 hours of footage on your timeline and choose a clip duration of 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds. There’s no need to worry about frame rates — we’ve done the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes. We automatically adjust it based on the footage length and clip duration you choose. So, all it takes is a click.

Let’s check out a great example of Timelapse. We have a camera pointed outside our window, which overlooks the San Francisco Transbay Terminal. I wanted to create a Timelapse clip that captures a busy downtown scene and shows the contrast between daytime and nighttime activities.

If you’d like to view motion activity more closely, you can select the “Smart Timelapse” option, which slows the video at points of detected motion activity. The Smart Timelapse option is ideal for highlighting motion activity that occurs infrequently within a selected clip span.

We also made it easy for you to share your new Timelapse clip. You can email a link or share your new creation on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

We encourage you to play around with Timelapse. We will continue to make improvements to the UI and back-end performance, so your feedback will be most appreciated.

Go ahead, get creative. Show off what you can do with Timelapse!

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14 thoughts on “Timelapse: Share favorite moments in a new way

  1. Hello,

    I know someone is attempting to harass me. It cannot be my cat. My cat is so good when I am around. I need a DropCam to check on it.



  2. Good feature. But your instructions are stunted. You write here that “When you click the “Make Timelapse” button, you can select up to 24 hours of footage on your timeline and choose a clip duration of 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds. ”

    OK, that’s good. And the tool is also easy to use on the web interface, up until I click “Create clip”. Then what? Neither this blog, nor the tool (where it should be explained) tells me what happens. Where is my clip? How do I download it? Is it cloud, or a file to my PC? Why can’t I see it anywhere? Was my clip made, or should I do it again?

    It’s like an easy three step process: do this, do that, hit wall of confusion.

    1. Derek – You simply click the dropdown, choose “saved clips, and the time lapse video will be there. I just chose to timelapse about an hour and the my video is in the saved clips area processing. The timelapse takes process power and time so your video won’t be available immediately.

  3. Couple of comments:
    1) I LOVE this feature. The fact that Dropcam keeps improving and adding features to the service makes me want to continue to be a long time subscriber.

    2) Dropcam team – PLEASE provide deeper discounts for additional cameras or offer variable plans. I have a “main camera” that I want to record 24×7 with 7 days of backup. I have a camera in the play room in the basement that rarely has any activity. For this camera I want to record 24×7 but only with 1 day of storage. This gives me the ability to roll back to see something that happened a few hours ago but I don’t need that stored for 7 days. I don’t want to pay $50 for the secondary camera. If you had a plan like I described I would buy 2-3 more cameras and get CVR service for each.

    3) Dropcam team – I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this but everyone wants an outdoor camera. You guys make the best cameras and have the best service bar none. Now I want to have a camera on my deck in the backyard and one at my front door.

    PS…the iPhone app is fantastic. So many other video camera companies have an iPhone app but it’s a complete mess. GREAT job on the app and it’s nice to see that you continue to update it.

    1. I agree. you need to produce a product that we can use outdoors. I have 4 Dropcam’s and hate to have them looking through windows.

  4. I made a timeline and downloaded it, but when I play it it goes super fast. How do I slow it down?
    I set it on “Smart timeline” for 120 seconds for about 9 hours of footage.



  5. Just tried it out, with camera pointed at the front door, 12 hours in 120 seconds, as a way of reviewing if/when people were at the door, or entering or leaving the house throughout the day. Very cool, but I would have liked the times of motion to have been slowed down. It was too easy to miss 1 or 2 frames of someone going through the door. Also, it would be nice to have a time appear (maybe just when pausing?) to tell what the time was, so I could go watch the normal recording at that time.

    Also, yet another another request for a “rectangle of interest” — way too much of the video was triggering on some bird in a bush on the edge of the view.

  6. Love this feature. It’s great to watch a snapshot of a day in 60 seconds. I’ve got a Dropcam on my warehouse and timelapse is a great way to monitor their productivity. How about an automate feature here? Like if every morning I could get a 60 second clip of yesterday’s entire day sent to my inbox. That would truly be awesome.

  7. This is a great way to watch what pets are up to each day. One feature request, a time stamp unobtrusively at one of the bottom corners would be great so I can see when something in the timelapse was.

  8. is there a way to know at what time in the time-lapse a certain event occurred. I create time lapses to see what wildlife has been in my garden. Then I want to go back into the cloud to find that spot to look at it in realtime, but I don’t know what time the event occurred. Please help.

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